Organic Groundnut

To us, Organic isn’t just a certification-it’s a way of being. A mindset. And a mission.

All we believe in is that the healthiest life is the wealthiest one. We produces pure Organic Food at our 7 acres farm which is located in Raydi Village(Dist Rajkot).

After growing crops conventionally for decades, we decided to make the transition to organic. The decision to make this change was two fold. In response to climate change and the rapid depletion of resources, our family felt we needed to take a more sustainable approach to agriculture. By eliminating pesticides, inorganic fertilizers,we have brought our farm back into a more balanced relationship with our natural surroundings.

Mainly believes in Purity and quality, simply our products are well known for healthy and good organic food. Organic Farming is one of the innovative way of producing crops and livestock that involves in healthy soil alive and used it by using the organic wastes and their biological materials along with biofertilizers and release it the nutrient crops. We used it the good quality healthy soil by using the microbial inhabitants that release, get it from transfer the nutrients.