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Biodynamic is framework which was invented by Rudolf Steiner in the early 1924s, as part of framework he provided some preparations which help to improve fertility of the soil.

The biodynamic preparations are also called BD preparations. Below are 8 BD preparations:-

  • BD 500-cow horn manure
  • BD 501-cow horn silica
  • BD 502-yarrow
  • BD 503-chamomile
  • BD 504-stinging nettle
  • BD 505-oak bark
  • BD 506-dandelion
  • BD 507-valerian
  • BD 508-horsetail tea

The methods of making the eight BD preparations are as follows:

BD 500-cow horn manure

This preparation involves packing cow manure (preferably from a lactating cow as it brings calcium processes to the preparation) into cow horns, which are buried in the autumn on a root day with a descending period of the moon in a pit which is about 16-18 inches deep pit has to be covered with soil and be careful as there should be no weeds, insects or worms in the pit as they all absorb the nutrients and calcium from the preparation. The horns should be buried open end down so that they will not become water logged if the pit is over watered. Then, these horns are lifted in the spring also on a root day with a descending period. It is sprayed up to four times a year. The best times are in October and November and then again in February and March. It is important to apply in the late afternoon. It is used in small quantities at the rate of 25 grams in 13 liters of water per acre.

It is stirred for one hour making a vortex or crater in one direction and then reversing the direction and making a vortex in the other direction.
The stirred preparation can sprayed with a whisk brush over the land. It is sprayed in the descending period of the moon.

The benefits of applying BD 500 preparation are as follows:

  • Strong humus formation.
  • Increase in all soil bacteria, such as rhizobacterial activity (nodulation) on all legumes and an increase of the phosphate solubilizing bacteria.
  • Increase in the mycorrhizal fungi and their hyphae.
  • Improved crumb structure and resultant improvement in soil tilth.
  • Earthworm activity is increased.
  • Absorption and retention of water is greater. International research has found that BD soils require 25% to 50% less irrigation than conventional soils.
  • A deep rooting system is developed in all plants.
  • It will work equally well in any soil type, clays, volcanic, peat silt or weathered silica.

BD 501- cow horn silica

  • This is finely ground quartz crystals specially prepared. The crystal should be of good quality and shape and clear. It is buried in a similar manner to Preparation BD500, but this time it is buried in the cow’s horn during the hot time from March to April and lifted in September. It is stored in a glass jar on a sunny window sill.
  • It is used mainly during the growing season and is used at the rate of 1 gram in 13 liters of water per acre. BD 501 is applied in the very early morning as a fine mist that drifts over the plant or tree. It is stirred for 1 hour in the same way as BD500.
    This spray enhances the photosynthesis of the leaf and as such compliments the activity of the preparation BD500, which works mostly in the root zone of the plant.

BD 502–yarrow

  • BD502 is made from the flowers of Achillea millifolium which are stuffed inside the urinary bladder of a male deer. It is hanged in the summer Sun and is buried in the earth over the winter.
  • It helps to increase the amount of potassium, sulphur and other trace elements.

BD 503-chamomile

  • BD503 is made from the flowers of German Chamomile Matricuria chamomilla. It works with the planet Mercury.
  • It helps in increasing the amount of calcium and nitrogen in the soil.
  • This preparation involves picking up young chamomile flowers in the morning after the Sun has dried dew then to dry them gently in indirect sunlight and then to  store them in an airy, dark place and then finally  stuff the flowers into cow’s intestine with a funnel or a wooden stick. This preparation is buried in the ground in autumn and then it is lifted in spring.

 BD 504-stinging nettle

  • BD504 is made from the leaves of Urtica parviflora.
  • This preparation involves harvesting the plant in the early part of the day, between dawn and noon when the earth’s energetics are comparable of exhalation of breath and when the energy of plants is most present in their aboveground parts while photosynthesis occurs and then burying them in wooden boxes or clay pots encased in peat for 1 year.
  • It helps to increase the amount of iron and magnesium in the soil.

BD 505-oak bark

  • BD505 is made from the bark of the Quercus glauca.
  • This preparation involves stuffing oak bark in the skull of a cow and then burying it in a damp place over winter.
  • It helps to increase the amount calcium in the soil.

BD 506-dandelion

  • BD506 is made from the flowers of Taraxicum officinalis.
  • This preparation involves burying dandelion flowers over winter in a cow’s mesentery.
  • Dandelion is connected with living silica processes, activates light influences in the soil, and enables the interrelationships of nature to become fully effective.

BD 507-valerian

  • BD507 is made from the flowers of Valeriana officinalis.
  • This preparation involves mixing valerian flowers with water and then purifying them and then to apply the valerian preparation. It also helps the flowering processes and the fruiting processes.
  • It helps in increasing the amount of phosphorous in the soil.

BD 508-horestail tea

  • This preparation is made from Equesetum arvense or horsetail herb.
  • This preparation involves making tea out of 1kg of horsetail herb and 10 liters of boiling water. Then add 50 milliliters of horsetail tea to 10 liters of water and then spray the preparation.
  • It is silica rich and is made into a tea to overcome fungus.



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