Organic Wheat

We are looking for a solution provider who can help us to automate (digitalize) our organic farm (6 Acre farm), We have converted one of our family farm to Organic farm, you can find more detail about our farm and farming practices which we follow at our farm (Shubh Organic Farm) on website Farm is located in Gujarat (India)

Below is a high level roadmap of what we need to automate

  • Get periodic soil health report i.e using IoT sensors(we believe the soil is everything, if you have healthy soil then most of your problems will solve automatically via organism)
  • Smart irrigation system (based on crop schedule and soil humidity)
  • Track crop progress(as part of NPOP we already have access to Gov portal, but it has very limited features)
  • Pest and Diseases identification & recommendation (if possible then link with irrigation system)
  • Link final crop production with direct sellers such as shopping malls or online ecommerce platform instead of selling via gov mandi

We grow groundnut, Wheat and Legume at our organic farm

We prefer to go with ready to use solution instead of custom development, if you have such solution then kindly contact us! ( [email protected])

Your suggestions are most welcome, feel free to post in the comment box.

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